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Super Elite Chair Suspension, Jay Leslie. I make these as ordered, one at a time.

The entire suspension is assembled piece by piece in full view. The actual connection is smooth as silk.
(Never connect the suspension before the show. Always put it together while you patter).

Jay Leslie’s Super Elite Chair Suspension – A one-man illusion – We are the manufacturers. Made to order one at a time.
• This illusion is performed with a volunteer from the audience.
• Perform this suspension in home, on a platform or on the biggest stage.
• Made for adult volunteers from 44 feet to 70 inches and 150 pounds with virtually no sag.
You read correctly, Virtually no sag up to 150 pounds. (average size female volunteer)

If you work with adults… THIS is the Chair Suspension we get complements on – especially from people that have sold theirs to but ours.The geometry is designed for adult volunteers from 44 to 70 inches high.

Two chairs are opened. A board is placed between them. An unrehearsed volunteer reclines on the board and is wrapped in the Magic Red Cloth. The chair at their feet is removed. The board is removed. (If you stick to our recommendations for height and weight then there is virtually no sag.) The volunteer appears magically suspended from the remaining chair as in the photo.

Presentation 1. Mentalists and motivational speakers perform this using the original Harbin presentation where the volunteer is making themselves suspend. “Nothing is impossible… The power of the mind can overcome all obstacles… If you can think it, you can do it” Replace the board and second chair. The volunteer receives a round of applause as they exit. “All the heat is on the volunteer because they are making themselves float”.

Presentation 2. Party show performers can dispense with the object lesson and use this illusion to upsell their show. (It only weighs approximately 60 pounds and fits in a automobile)

Appearance. The chairs are painted black and appear like party rental chairs. This illusion should look like two wood chairs as opposed to wrought iron looking chairs you have to wheel through the door on a dolly.

My chairs don’t disappear into the background because of glossy paint. (If you use red chairs, spectators might assume the cloth and chair were attached. Red chairs may blend into a red curtain but even though our chairs are black they don’t blend in but they are less noticeable which illuminates the suspended assistant.) Black also retains its finish as opposed to white which can become dirty.

At approximately 60 POUNDS FOR EVERYTHING (2 chairs the board and gimmick) this entire illusion weighs about the same as ONE CHAIR of the Harbin Design.
• Unlike the Harbin Design, these chairs fold flat and fit in a carry-bag with a strap and buckle design.
• These chairs look like modern chairs while the Harbin Style appear like 1960s Italian wrought iron furniture your grandmother had.
• The best part is: The cost is only 1975.00 which is a lot less then any Harbin style available. (Add 140 for shipping in the US)
If you’re a hypnotist , mentalist, do Corporate shows or motivational programs THIS is the best value for your buck.
An average person can carry everything in one trip but you can also use a dolly along with your other props.
The improved gimmick holds 150 pounds with virtually zero sag. We believe that sag makes the illusion look mechanical. We don’t believe in sag.

In comparison; Our smaller Elite Suspension is shorter (in two dimensions) for shorter people, from 34 inches to about 58 inches, it’s made more compactly. The Super has elongated geometry allowing for longer people.

See the differences between the regular Elite and the Super Elite in this photo. The Super Elite is to the rear. The chairs are taller and have a larger footprint. A larger footprint reinforced chair and reinforced gimmick which then, allows taller people to be suspended because their center of gravity is shifted backwards further.

We also have made a slightly distressed appearance to the metal chair so it does not look like metal, a lot of thought went into this. These are made to order and can take 3 weeks to make or longer.

I’ve also added metal bracing in the seat. It will make the suspension better. Here’s a photo of the metal before it’s been sealed in.

The suspension is assembled piece by piece in full view, any time.
Everything fits in your car and weighs approximately 60 lbs total.

These are all hand crafted with many parts and lots of attention to detail. Partly engineered and partly sculpted. I see myself as a metal and wood sculptor when I hand make these.

See the front wheel of my Cadillac on top of the gimmick? This is a strong gimmick.




The entire suspension is easily assembled in full view. The gimmick weighs approximately 17 pounds and the gimmick chair is around 21 pounds. This weighs a LOT less then dragging a Harbin Style suspension in the theater or home, one piece at a time.  Everything comes-in at approximately 60 to 65 pounds in total.

These are made to order. It seems as soon as I make one it’s sold. If you need to discuss the time it takes to make one please contact me. Shipping is 160.00 (charged as a separate charge) in the Conus, for other rates contact me first.

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The love and attention you paid to securely package and ship my Elite Chair Suspension is unbelievable and only surpassed by the workmanship on the items themselves.

The red cloth is soft, beautiful and adds class to the set. The paint job is right on and eye catching. I love the black color. The chairs truly compliment each other as you intended. It is obvious you put a whole lot of “you” into this piece of work Jay. I am sincerely delighted and pleased with all that you did to produce this magnificent piece of art.

Have a great day.
V Bey


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