Ball Sleights And Manipulation Routines


We can’t say enough about performing ball and silk sleights while strolling or working tables. This video will teach you amazing sleights no one else is doing. Be different, get booked more. Work tough crowds.

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Learn classic and original Ball slights and routines for strolling and restaurants.

Most Ball videos teach the Multiplying Billiard Balls, this one teaches close up work with ordinary balls. Why? Ball slights and routines are perfect in low lighting conditions. Ball slights are great when the music is too loud. Ball slights are so visual that you can do them even if you don’t speak the language and the guest still appreciates them.

The way I use ball slights while strolling is to have a five minute routine ready but it’s comprised of several shorter phases, that way if you approach people and they don’t want to watch or can’t watch due to time – then you can end the routine and part ways as friends. There’s nothing more awkward then being in the middle of a routine and the guest stops you because they see their friend coming through the door, or the server shows up with the food. Ball slights and manipulation gives you the latitude to perform for 5 seconds, 25 seconds, a minute or up to 5 minutes… the entire time you are also making small talk and creating friends.

Ball Sleights 1 MOVIE

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