Phantom Ribbon, Riedel


This is one of the cleanest ribbon penetrations ever devised. We have the exclusive rights to this amazing trick. It can be used for theme shows or just for entertainment.

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Phantom Ribbon was originally created by Clint Riedel. Jim swoger paid a small fortune to buy the rights. I have remade this very attractive effect. The materials are layered, causing a three dimensional appearance.

YES It uses thread
YES It uses wax
YES It has a fake
YES it has a secret opening
YES you do the “move” right under their eyes
YES It uses rubber bands
NO You don’t hand out all the parts. You show what you want to.

But guess what, it looks like real magic. Show the parts, thread the ribbon through the hole and amazingly pull the sheet free, like magic because it is magic.

Effect: The magician shows the red panel. He drops it down the goal posts. A ribbon is threaded through. The ribbon is slid back and forth to show it’s really in there. The panel is removed anyway. Give it a patter line like Nothing is impossible or Solid through Solid. All you have to do is pick out a nice piece of music and it’s almost self working.

Other versions of this type effect require you to drop a clear panel completely inside a box with closed doors. This is more organic. This is open, visual and it’s easy to do.

We start with a black sheet and add the gray & red separately. This makes it stand-out from a distance.







But wait, there’s more. What you don’t see is the design on the reverse side of the panel. (Something Jay Leslie designed) Normally, these kind of effects use a piece of clear glass but Jay decided to use a colored panel so everything can be seen from a distance and with that is the invention of a cool illusion within an illusion.

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