Encyclopedia of Escapes II, Bill McLaury


The Encyclopedia of Escapes is one of the most important books on the subject. It’s a must have. You will refer back to it time after time.

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A reference book and a how-to book, all in one. See articles, photos and ideas in eleven chapters. New content has been updated, for the smart performer.

• Chapter I. A word on escapes.

• Chapter II. The word.

• Chapter III. Rope Escapes.

• Chapter IV. Wire, Chain & Shackle Escapes.

• Chapter V. Sensational Escapes.

• Chapter VI. John A. Novak.

• Chapter VII. Handcuff, Thumb cuff & Jail Escapes.

• Chapter VIII. Suggested Escape or Magic Act.

• Chapter IX. Padlocks, Lock Picking.

• Chapter X. Spirit Ties, Contrivances & Vest Turning.

• Chapter XI. Loose Links.

Featuring articles and ideas on or by: William Mclaury, Burling Hull, Houdini, Joseph Fox, Ovette, Ten Ichi, Ken Allen, Jay Marshall, Mark Cannon, Don Hinz, Jack Gwynne, Jerry Jerome, McDonald Birch, Paul Osborne, Walter B. Gibson, Mariano Palhinha, Samuel & Lee Smith, Trudel, Tommy Windsor, Jarah Ho Tyahma, Fred Pitella,  john Novak, Ron London, Joe Ovette, U.F. Grant, Prynce Wheeler, Thomas Solomon, Mario Manzini, Norman Bigelow, Cindini, Thomas Blacke, Jay Leslie (That’s me), Dan Stapleton, Steven Merle Kilgore and more.

This one book will teach you enough that you could start a business of being an Escape Artist. The soft bound version is available now.


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