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No sag in your Chair Suspension

The one thing I can’t stand is when a chair suspension sags. This one does not.


My Suspension is over engineered and it only weighs about 38 pounds. Yes, you can get a cheaper model, that weighs 28 pounds, but it will probably sag like the photo below.

More importantly, the chairs look like common chairs that rental companies use.


Without using anyones name, here is a photo of a chair suspension that sags, I did not make this – it is not mine.

Not only do the majority of suspension sag like this but you have to lift  the legs of the volunteer like you are jacking up a car.

A sagging suspension tips the audience that your trick has limitations and isn’t strong.

Look at the assistant above. This person is about 70 pounds. One last time, look at my Elite Chair Suspension above. I weigh over twice what the small child weighs and yet my suspension virtually has no sag. The red cloth is longer on the Elite model so it’s hanging off the end. If it was wrapped around a volunteer you would see the end of the cloth as straight as the rest of the suspension.

Don’t take my word for it. You tube is filled with movies of Chair Suspensions that sag. Look for yourself and when you realize how much better my model is I’ll be happy to make you one.

Here’s the link to see all the details.