Modern Handcuff Secrets, Dick Norman


118 pages of drawings and the knowledge of how to make and use trick handcuffs.

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Learn how to trick the most popular modern and collectable handcuffs made. This is a 118 page soft cover book with illustrations, drawings and shows the methodology to escape from:

• Neck Collars

•  Thumb Cuffs

• German Handcuffs

• Spanish handcuffs

• British Handcuffs

• Leg Irons

And internal drawings of mechanisms for dozens more.


This is a very important book for anyone wanting to learn the ins and outs of handcuff escapes. This is a booklet we send in the mail.

188 pages of the workings of Modern and collectable cuffs. Many Escape Artists today have used this book as a guide on gaffing cuffs for fun and profit.

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