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Absolutely the strongest Chair Suspension


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Elite Chair Suspension,  Jay Leslie.  Made As Ordered. It usually takes a few weeks to make one.

The entire chair suspension is assembled piece by piece in full view. A great portable illusion for Parties, Schools, Blue & Golds and with an occasional short adult.

• Jay Leslie’s Elite Chair Suspension is a one-man illusion – We are the manufacturers. These are made as they are ordered.
• Perform this suspension in a home, on a stage or almost any flat surface.
• Maximum suggected weight is 300 pounds with the “Center Of Mass” correctly placed.

Two chairs are opened in full view. A board is placed between them. An unrehearsed volunteer reclines on the board and is wrapped in the Magic Red Cloth. The chair supporting their feet is removed. The board is removed and the volunteer appears “magically suspended” from the remaining chair.

MOVIE – Chair Suspension Jay Leslie – MOVIE

Wave your arms over and under or use a Hula Hoop to prove there are no strings or wires. Replace the board and second chair. The volunteer receives a round of applause as they exit.
(Alternative handling: The birthday boy or girl becomes the magician. They wave a wand making another volunteer “float” and they receive the applause on their special day. You can also do the original Harbin presentation, with an adult, remembering that all suspensions of this type look better with shorter volunteers.)

We recommend this illusion as an “add on” to your regular show. This illusion can pay for itself over and over. Most performers charge 25.00 to 100.00 dollars adding this illusion to their existing show. The extra income adds up over time. Make this part of your Gold show or Platinum show. Use this illusion to increase your bottom line.

Now with:
Increased support – holds more weight
Inserts in the metal legs so the tops and bottoms are solid.
New geometry – so both chairs are more stable and open & close smoothly. It also allows the gimmick to slide in place easier.
Improved instructions – shows how to make the board hang from the bottom of the gimmick for the famous “hanging board” presentation, if you want to do that. (You’ll need to buy a magnet and Duct Tape for the hanging board, but many perform the illusion without it too).

Look at the Chevy 350 engine block on top of the gimmick. I’m holding my finger out so you can see how steady the gimmick is.

As you can see, there is virtually no sag (tilting of the gimmick). When you have sag, you have to lift the legs of the volunteer to remove or replace the board. The more you move them the less magical it looks.


The engine block is over 300 pounds. This is the strongest Chair Suspension made, period.


We recommend this portable illusion for assistants 5 years and up including short adults. Several exclusive engineering improvements have been incorporated, making this model stronger than every other similar version.

The picture shows the front wheel of my Cadillac on top of the gimmick and it stays ridged.




• Approximately 38 pounds total.
• The gimmick has rounded corners.
• Plush red velvet cloth.
• Packs flat. Can be carried under one arm. Included is a simple carry-bag which closes with a strap and buckle.
• DVD: With historical perspective of old style suspensions and a live performance.
• Written instructions with tips and tricks are also included.

• We also include a basic carry bag that has a strap for your shoulder.

REMEMBER the suspension is assembled piece by piece – in full view -any time during your show. Everything fits in your car and weighs about 38 lbs. It’s portable and packs flat.

Made to order one at a time.

That’s Jay Leslie standing on the gimmick. There is virtually no sag. You don’t want sag because it makes the suspension appear mechanical. No sag = more magical.


MOVIE – Chair Suspension Jay Leslie – MOVIE

Only $1,275.00 plus $125.00 shipping in the conus.  Made as ordered.

Foreign orders, please ask for rates as they change. We can not ship to all countries due to import regulations. International rates vary from $550 to $1250 usually, depending on the county.  Contact me for shipping rates outside the ConUs.


Made to order one at a time. Order it and I’ll make it. These seem to go out the door as fast as I make them. That’s why i don’t have one in stock. Contact me first to get an estimate of completion, if you would like.  

Made at the time you order  – Made one at a time.


Jay, I flew home last night and found your package waiting for me. I unpacked it and watched the DVD …. your modifications are brilliant! One enhancement is the natural handling and speed for setup, making this far superior to assemble during a live performance.

Thanks again!
Dan, Amazing Magic

I am very satisfied and definitely recommend this. To me, it’s the best combination of price, portability and stability.

Michael Messing

Hello Jay, I Just received the suspension. I am very happy with the appearance and the construction.

Thank You,
Thomas Cleveland

Why don’t other people make their suspension as strong as this one. This is like a rock! I LOVE THAT! I love the cloth! Very pretty. I also like that you don’t see any difference between the chairs like other versions.

Matt Adams

Jay Leslie has made tremendous improvements to a classic in magic. Looks elegant and 150% reliable!! Illusion’s of this nature need to be perfect and this suspension is exactly that. A man who cares about his products and fellow magicians. Jay’s service was extraordinary.

Micky Wyld

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 11 x 49 in