Shipping and Returns

Shipping Policy

Currently we are shipping many of our products in the US for free. If you want to track your package or sign for same please add $6.00. Free shipping is limited to regular mail with no special services.
SHIPPING CHARGES are subject to change without notice. Sometimes shippers change their prices without warning. If we have a price of 150 dollars to ship something overseas, the price changes to 250.00 and we don’t know about it until we attempt to ship it, It wouldn’t be fair for us to loose 100.00 so we reserve the right to advise you of the higher shipping price and or cancel the order if the buyer objects.

INSURANCE” If you DO not ask for insurance and the post office or other shipping agent breaks or looses your package we cannot be held responsible. When we ship through the Post Office you can ask for a tracking number. When we ship through Fedex or other agent the tracking number is automatic however signing for delivery is optional and insurance is only included for, up to one hundred dollars. Any amount over 500 dollars for insurance and the shipping company(s) want to wrap the package themselves. This amounts to double or triple the cost for their service. They automatically put the order in an oversize box which bumps the shipping charges quite considerably. YOU MUST STIPULATE HOW YOU WANT AN ITEM SHIPPED OR WE WILL ASSUME IT WILL BE PROCESSES THE LEAST EXPENSIVE WAY WHICH DOES NOT INCLUDE INSURANCE.

If you are concerned about insurance and signatures the time to stipulate and pay for any options are before the shipment leaves the property. If you do have insurance and the item was delivered broken or was lost. we will provide you with the tracking number and the carrier. It’s the responsibility of the shipping company to deliver your package. You have to understand that the House Of Enchantment can not be responsible once a package leaves the premises. We do not have any control over how rough the shipper is or if they claim it was lost. Sometimes a package will fall off a conveyor belt or be run-over by a forklift. We can not be responsible when that happens. If the carrier breaks your package then the carrier is responsible, so please ask for insurance in advance shipping.


Return Policy

If you really hate something because it does not fit your personality we will refund the purchase price minus a 20% restocking fee. You must make the return within 7 days from the time of purchase. If a product is not functioning correctly then we will repair or replace as we see fit. We will also determine if the product was mistreated and if that’s the case, there will be a fee for any repairs.