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I’m just a hobbyist (I don’t need anything fancy)

Why should magicians spend money, anyway?

Here is what a man once said to me across the counter “I only do this as a hobby so there is no reason for me to have nice props”.

I’ve noticed there are many avid cigar smokers. What fascinates me is the amount of effort these people take to search-out their favorite brand. Many, buy custom made humidors that keep cigars fresh. They own fancy cigar cutters that look like little finger choppers. This is a hobby. Then there are the people who take wine appreciation classes to educate themselves about various wines. Many of these people invest in special refrigerators or even wine cellars. I did a show for a man with a five million dollar collection od wines he kept in a specially constructed vault with a high-end security system and TV monitoring. That too was a hobby because he never sold the wine, he served it to his friends. Ever look at bicycles and the weekend warriors themselves? They have custom clothes made to identify their group. Many of the bicycle is outfitted with high-end compoants. The general goal is to own a lighter bike using more expensive parts which allow faster speed and better cornering. Some bicycles cost over 5,000 dollars. Remember, these are for hobbyists. Skiers have the newest styles of clothing. You better not show up to the slopes wearing last years style. Too often magicians and clowns do the opposite. I can’t tell you how many times customers have insisted they want cheep tricks.
Even if this is just a hobby, why wouldn’t you desire to make a good impression? People know the difference between a nicely made prop and something that looks cheap. Their opinion of you goes up when you have nicely polished shoes, your equipment looks clean and you drive around a better vehicle. Would you show up to a business meeting with a paper grocery bag full of papers or would you show up with brief case?

“The impression you make is the memory you leave.”