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Abbott’s Hole In One tips.

A better way to perform Abbott’s Hole In One

I have found that Hole In One works better if you don’t use all the balls (the front hole is empty) and here is why:

Tell the volunteer to take four balls. While they examine their four you rearange the remaining four to sit in the four corner holes . It only takes three seconds.

Ask them to hand you the colour of their choice. Place it on the spot. Cover the glass with the other glass, do your thing, remove the silk. Because the spot in front of the glass is empty the audience can see the selected ball in the glass. Otherwise the effect can only be shown to people who are standing because the front ball obscures the effect.

I like to use a 27 inch silk places on square. The audience can see my knuckles but not under the silk Just check your lighting before the performance and if you can see through the silk then cover the big glass first, with a table napkin with the corner allowing the spread of the napkin to hang over the front. Have the volunteer place the silk on top. The silk underneath may be slippery enough they both slide off the glass but the cloth napkin will hold better.