Trick Handcuffs instant open bridge jumpers sub trunk handcuffs


Instant open handcuffs, No key needed. Use for underwater escapes or as Sub Trunk handcuffs.


These are official police type handcuffs that are engineered to open just by pulling on them.

You don’t need a key. You can open these inside a bag if you’re in a sub trunk. you can open these under water.



No tools, lock picks or hidden keys are needed. These are reengineered from the inside and the outside. These can not be examined. If you need a pair that can be examined please look at the other handcuff on the site.

Some may know a simple way to make a set like this but we actually take the mechanics out of the cuff and alter that part in concert with other changes to the cuff. That procedure helps keep the cuff looking like it was never altered.

Please allow a few days to make this item. If it takes longer we will let you know.

Can not be sold outside the US.




Additional information

Weight .875 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 6 x .5 in


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