Underwater, Tom Horn Style Belt


Tom Horn underwater style belt, Made to order.



Tom Horn was a cowboy who was trussed up and hung by cattle barons and using a belt and chains similar to this. Our Black Beauty design is based on our leather Tom Horn Belt but made with waterproof materials. The premise is the same, spectators secure your crossed arms through the wide straps using chains and padlocks yet you escape.

The escape is entirely based on skill rather then any kind of gimmicks, We take no responsibility on how this prop is used.
This is not an instant escape or comedy trick. In all practicality, it’s best to do this in a swimming pool where you can use your legs to kick yourself to the surface and get air as opposed to being thrown in a river with running currents, rocks and cold water. Make sure to have at least one “safety person” to help you practice and perform this escape.

We’re including fantastic instructions for the performer to handle the in and out process. My instructions will help you make this as entertaining and convincing as a strait jacket escape.
Practice and the safe performance are up to the performer. This is not a comedy prop.

Two members of the audience are invited to secure your crossed arms and lock the padlocks. You then artistically escape while bobbing for air. You appear secured for a while, then after struggling you finally get one hand free and proceed to free the second hand and arm. There are no gimmicks involved. We send you our exclusive directions which explain the method.

All materials are hand cut then sewn on an industrial machine. Remember, “We Escape To Prove Nothing Is Impossible”. This is a performance piece you can do that appears harder then it is.

The size is 5 inches tall (127 cm) comprised of three main layers including a rubber membrane sandwiched between two pieces of other Nylon type material. The straps, chains and buckles are then sewn through the main belt. The straps are 2 inches wide (51 CM) including the belt and buckle strap. There are hand-swaged copper rivets used throughout and brass eyelets in the belt.. We use an industrial sewing machine to mate the rubber membrane because a home machine can’t. This prop requires additional work, as compared to the leather belt.

Please indicate whether you need the regular (29 inch to 39 inch waist) or if you need a larger size over 39 inches .
A larger belt is cut larger & wider. Locks not included.


Additional information

Weight 2.7 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 4 in


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