Top Secret Card Device


This is a simple device that’s perfect for a beginner or to fool the know it all at the magic club too.

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Perfect for beginners of all ages and crafty magicians.

The Top Secret Card Device is a simple mechanical device made with regular Bicycle cards that allows you to do a number of amazing tricks. Always carry it with you and keep it a secret.

We provide well-written instructions on how to amaze your friends. Supply your own deck.



What you do with the Top Secret Card Device:
Vanishing and appearing card.
Rising Card. A selected card rises from the pack.
Forcing a card. (making the spectator take the card you want them to) You can extend the trick to have an envelope set aside that has a prediction of the selected card inside.
Super Coincidence. Two decks of cards are used. Magician and spectator take cards from each others decks and they match.

This is a great device for anyone that wants to learn sleight of hand and principals of magic. More importantly, if you are new to magic this device gives you the ability to perform tricks right away.

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