Psychic Penetration


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This trick has potential for magicians, mentalists & escape artists.
Effect: Two volunteers tie the ends of the rope around each of the performers wrists any way they want. Sticky tape is then wrapped around the knots then the volunteers are asked to write their initials on the tape for identification. A cloth is held in front of the performer. A solid ring is introduced which the performer takes undercover. The cover is removed and the ring is now threaded on the rope. Everyone may examine the rope and ring. The rope can be cut from your wrists and presented to the volunteers. They will find nothing.

If this doesn’t prove you have powers that far exceed mortal man, you might as well hang it up.

You can use the ring as part of any other Ring & String routine where the ring is a similar size. Psychic Penetration can be the climax to your routine. You can also use the ring with Silk & Reel effects.

Psychic Penetration can therefore be used by magicians, Mentalists & Escape Artists. Escape artists can substitute small locks and chain (not supplied) .

Use Psychic Penetration the next time you perform a teaser show. It packs small, plays big and is a perfect effect to make the audience want more. It’s what we call “Publicity In Your Pocket”. Best of all it’s easy to perform.

Psychic Penetration is made on a CNC machine to exacting standards. Psychic Penetration comes with good instructions that explain several variations and include performance tips.

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