One Chance In Five


A jumbo card is displayed with it’s back to the audience. Any card is selected from an unprepared pack. When the jumbo card is turned over both cards match.

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Have any spectator shuffle a pack of cards. Have the spectator remove five cards from the pack, free choice. Place the cards, one at a time, next to a jumbo card faced backwards. The spectator instructs the performer to stop on whatever card they want whenever they want, it’s a free choice. The other 4 cards may be played on a table face up showing they are all different. When the jumbo card and the regular card are turned over they both match.

This is not difficult to do. The hardest part is playing the role of the magician and playing-up the impossibility that the cards match.

Alternatively, you don’t need 5 cards. You could have a single card selected or you could break the deck in half, then in half again till you get down to a few cards. Sometimes building up the impossibility is better then shocking them immediately.

Performed with confidence it sells. I like to patter “Imagine the impossibility that one selected card will match the large card”. This as a trick a 12 year old can do but it’s very effective for adults.

It’s a great trick for corporate performers as well as mentalists and magicians.

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