How To Make Your Own Trick Handcuffs – book


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This booklet contains a secret method for tricking regulation handcuffs and various routines using gaffed cuffs

One method is having your hands cuffed through a Guillotine and escape before the blade drops.

Included is a photo reference of 167 various handcuffs from all over the world, as an aid to help you identify them if you see them at a swap meet or wish to start collecting.

Written By John Novak, this booklet has become a must-have for the new escape artist.


Here is an idea the book shows on dressing up the escape.

For only 9.50, this book has great information for there new Escape Artist.

Save 30 dollars on buying trick cuffs and make them yourself.

Custom, tricked cuffs and different variations are available from our shop.



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