Australian Torture belt, Tom Horn Belt Large




For waist sizes over 39 inches. Custom made Tom Horn belt. This large size covers a 39 inch to 54 inch waist.

tom horn belt



A great escape with it’s roots in the 60s, It hasn’t been made for years but we thought it was time to bring it back. Made from scratch. Perfect for Fairs, Corporate shows, Motivational speaking and The Bizarre. Packs flat, you can wrap it around something within your case or bag.


Others make this with a weight lifting belt and add a few loops of leather. I hand make these cutting every part from patterns. There is a huge difference in the quality of this and lesser models.


This escape stands on it’s own but it can be an alternative to a Strait Jacket, for repeat shows.


Patter: This is an old transport belt used for the criminally insane, and is considered more secure then a pair of handcuffs. It was initially employed at the turn of the century and very few still exist today. (You just happened to get one from a collection of old hospital devices.)

This is not an instant escape or comedy trick. This appears much harder to escape from then it is. It’s the kind of escape you will earn credit from because you have mad skills. It’s a great escape for motivational meetings and school shows.

• It’s all technique
• There are no gimmicks.
• Our instructions make it easy to do.

We’re including well thought out original instructions to handle the in and out process. Your performance and personality will make this as entertaining and convincing as any strait jacket escape, and it’s in performed in full view.

Practice and safe performance are up to the performer. This is not a comedy prop. even thought anyone can escape from it.

NOTE: This leather is a natural product (raw from the tanners) therefore there will be variations in the color when dye and oil are applied. Over time the oil from your hands and normal wear will make it darker.

ESCAPE: Two members of the audience are invited to secure your crossed arms and lock two padlocks. You then artistically escape using lots of intensity to relate your struggle of “Man Against Machine”. This is NOT meant to be a comedy “In and out” trick. You appear to be trapped a good minute, then after a struggle you finally get one hand free and proceed to free the second hand then arm. Performed to dramatic music the entire escape should take 4 or 6 minutes including the securing and escape process.

The leather is hand cut, hand riveted as is the leather strap. Remember, “We Escape To Prove Nothing Is Impossible“. This is a performance piece that appears harder then it is. You can do it once you know how.
Top belt is the large size, over 39 inch waist (97 cm) – Bottom is the standard 29 to 39 inch waist (69 to 97 cm)
Your belt may appear slightly different then the photo below.

This is much larger than a weight lifting belt. The regular size is 5 inchs tall (127 mm). I add heavy duty leather straps that are riveted using an industrial punch presses and arbors. The large size is 5.5 tall. The chains are longer the straps wider and it has a larger buckle.

The large size (above) covers a 39 inch to 54 inch waist. Please send me your measurements.

Made to order. Locks not included Click here to order the regular size which is a 39 inch waist or smaller.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 6 in


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