AMAZO, 3 card monty


Visual 3 card monty, no reset.

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AMAZO is a 3 card monty that’s easy to do. Very clean looking. No set up required. Can be repeated.

Amazo is a gimmicked Three Card Monty where you remove the ace, set it on the table and it appears between the two hand-held court cards without sleight of hand . Everyone who sees it says Wow.

All moves are performed slowly and deliberately. You can repeat the monty two or three times and they still won’t catch you.

If you can spread cards between your fingers, you can perform AMAZO. Great for beginners and professionals.

Comes in Poker size Bicycle cards. The cards are not “Half Cards” the audience plainly sees whole cards on the front and the back. There are no double face cards either. If you can spread a few cards then it’s almost self working. We give it a 10 for the effect it has on the audience.

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