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Light And Heavy Chest Tray

Just because you can make something doesn’t mean you should.

The Light And Heavy Box Tray (Rights to manufacture and the tray itself)

I was the last appointed authorized manufacturer of the Light And Heavy Chest for Hocus Pocus. So my opinion is formed after buying a knock-off.

I bought a light and heavy chest from another dealer along with the tray. People seem to like the tray however there’s an inherent problem with it. The tray is made from wood and several people have yelled-out “Magnets”. Seeing as this other tray is solid wood, I couldn’t see way to dispel that idea.

There wasn’t a comeback I could render because I could see their point. The solid wood box sits on the matching tray and they assume the box has a magnet or the tray does. If the box is set on a floor the audience could disconnect the two but since the tray is made from the same material as the box they look like they are a trick.

Can you think of a reason why there are no magnets? I didn’t think so, therefore you should save your money and don’t buy it. The audience was not entertained and they were vocal about their assumption. Since you can’t have the box examined you can not disprove the magnet theory. Since then, I’ve cut-out parts for several see-through trays, that way you can begin by explaining it can not hide magnets. The audience does not call-out magnets now. My point is, that you should think about the effect something has, on the audience, and remember to buy from the authorized
dealer. Usually the correct dealer has the correct answers.