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Explaining your Chair Suspension to a new customer

I just hit on a word that sums-up what the Chair Suspension is and does, without calling it “A Floating Trick”

Yes you can say Suspension but sometimes that isn’t complete enough because suspended bridges are anchored at both ends – so – I’m now also using the word “Projecting”.
As in: “I’ll set-up two chairs and set a board on top. Your son lays on top and we cover him with the magic red cloth. Then we take away one chair & the board AND if you saw the photo on my website then you see how your son will be Projecting off the one chair and hanging unsupported, at the other end”.

Truth in advertising. You’ll never get a complaint because someone thought you said the person was going to Float, and they didn’t float.
You will avoid any parents scaring their children by saying they’re going to Float… because we all know, sometimes children with overactive imaginations might believe they’re going to float-away and never come back. It occasionally happens- just like when you walk in the door and some (well-meaning) adult says “Look, There’s the magician. He’s going to make you disappear”. That’s not usually good.

So try Suspended & Projecting in your next description and see if the description rolls off the tongue better.