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Do you perform repeat shows and need a formula for your line-up?

If you perform for the same clients more then once you need a formula.
This is what I used for our illusion shows.
Frist half: Opening – audience participation – skill, like sleight of hand with balls and silks – rabbit or dove appearance and vanish – audience participation then one of seven floating assistants (or volunteers)

– intermission –

Second half: A cut & restored or mutilated parasol type of effect – an illusion like mismade or melting through metal – production number (usually a silk production with a rabbit finally) a mentalist routine – audience participation (like a bank night out or lie detecter) – an escape (strait jacket, 100 foot rope tie, handcuffs or?) – the final illusion – applause – get the check (my favorite part) These shows were over an hour long and I had a route. We performed about 80 illusion shows a year.

Each year, I would fill the time with effects that followed the formula. Each year it was the same show—-but—- completely different.- different costumes – different music – but always the same formula.

Almost all the big names have their own formula too, I’m just applying my own to the size show that fits in a 24 foot box truck including sound, a lighting truss and curtains.

Your formula will probably be different but the inportant ability it gives you is to pick your effects in a matter of an hour instead of mulling it over. Having a formula also narrows down what you have and what you need. You will save time and money when you use a formula.

Just so you know, I’ve performed every trick we sell and they work as advertised. If you have a need to build something different then we have listed contact me and I’ll see what we can do.