This is a partial list of what Jay Leslie has paid for the right to produce or has invented.

Eveything from House of Enchantment including but not limited to the following:

4 Balls & Net Book

7th Wonder Card Box (Swoger)

Acrobatic Thimbles (Jack Flosso) LINK

Al Levito (Al O'Hagen)

Animal Fair (Riedel) LINK

Amazo (Will De Seive)

Any Card Called For Napkin (U.F.Grant)

Apple Trick (Schlenenger)

Assistants Revenge, Jay Leslie Model

Astro Question Chart (Wm S Koske)

Atomic Vision (U.F.Grant)

Austrailian torture crib escape, book (Pilhinha) Link

Baffler (Ed Massey)

Ball Box (Die box, U.F.Grant)

Blok Cord (A. Allen)

Box Of Bagdad (Riedel)

Brain Wash (Jack Dean to Ed Mellon)

Brillant Ring Box (U.F.Grant)

Cabinet Of Deodar (Ed Massey)

Card Assyst (Ed Mellon)

Card Dagger (Ed Massey)

Card In Glass (Ed Massey)

Cards Of Silver (Ed Mellon) LINK

Century Silk Frame (Ed Massey)

Cig Gil (John Snyder to Haines) LINK

Clipboard For Mentalism (Nelson)

Coincimental (Thorton to Ed Mellon)

Corker (Ed Massey)

Chinese Surprise Production Tube (Riedel)

Coin Through Coin (Jay Leslie)

Color Off (Mark Jacobs)

Cut And Restored String (Shleneger)

Digitelephathy (Swoger)

Disk Of Demascus LINK

Death Trap (Jay Leslie)

Devils Dagger (card dagger , Ed Massey) LINK

Double E.S.P. (Jay Leslie)

Easy Sensory Perception (Jay Leslie)

Eerie Rabbit LINK

Elastic Lady, Jay leslie Model

Elder Blindfold (Dave Elder)

Enchanted Card Slide (N. Andounain)

Enchanted Confections (Swoger) LINK

Enchanted Cottage (Gen Grant)

Enchanted Mirror Penetration (Haines)

Errie Rabbit (Melbourn Christopher)

Easy E.S.P (Jay Leslie)

Eye Spy (J.G. Thompson to Ed Mellon)

Fantastic Poker Hand (Ed Mellon)

Floating Power (Snyder to Haines)

Gizmo Box (MAK)

Gammatration (R.W. Hull to Mark Jacobs)

Ghost Coins (

Golden Disk Of Amun Re (Riedel)

Grant's Lightning Card Stand LINK

Harvey And the Soldier (Harry Stanley)

Himbers Invisable (Richard Himber)

How to escape from handcuffs, book (De-val) Link

Indestructable Ribbon (Ed Massey) LINK

Instra Mental (Ed Mellon)

Impossible Card Flight (Chuck Smith)

Impromtulism (Ed Mellon)

Improved Sucker Blocks And Tube (Riedel)

Keni Key (Leslie Swoger)

Keys Of Judah (O'Hagen to Ed Mellon)

Lock pickimg: part one, book (de-Val) Link

Lock pickimg: part two, book (de-Val) Link

Ma Jong Box (Sherms)

Mandarin Box (Riedel)

Man In The Moon (Harry Stanley)

Mar Mix (Mark Jacobs) LINK

Melting Through Metal (Jay Leslie)

Mental Eyes (Harry K Frankie)

Mental Slate (Swoger)

Ment A Flex (Grant)

Ment O Flex (Ed Mellon)

Miracle Money (Mellon Swoger Leslie)

Mental Case (Ed Mellon)

Mentalism By Design (J.G. Thompsom to Ed Mellon)

Modern handcuff secrets for magicians, book (Norman) Link

Moonlight Madness (J.G. Thompson to Ed Mellon)

Mongolian Water Mystery (Mengie)

M T Pad (Chuck Smith)

New Quik Color Change (Leo Demskie)

How to make your own tricj handcuffs, book (Novak) Link

Out Of The 5th Dimension (Ed Mellon)

Orchids To You (Reidel)

Pagoda Trick (Cucko Clock) (Riedel)

Phantini's Numeracle (Gene Grant to Ed Mellon)

Phantom Plastic (Riedel)

Photo Plastic (Chuck Smith)

Plak O (Mark Jacobs)

Pseudo Memory (Ed Mellon)

Puffy Coin (Jay Leslie)

Push Down Dove Vanish (Riedel)

Quantimental (Ed Mellon Jim Swoger)

Rabbit Garage (Riedel)

Rameses Ribbon (Riedel)

Real secrets and methods of the challenge rope escape, book (Jacobs) Link

(Regow's Tall Drink LINK

Reidel's Improved Square Circle

Rib Blok (Mark Jacobs) LINK

Ribbon Fantastique (Ed Massey)

Rice Box To Lantern (Riedel)

Ring Off (Jacobs) LINK

Sammy The Seal (Riedel)

Sans Peer Book Test (Woodward, Mellon)

Screwy (R.W. Hull)

Skeleton In The Closet (Jim Swoger)

Sliding Glue (Swoger)

Son Of A Switch (Ed Mellon)

Spectra Mental (Ed Mellon)

Sphinx Production Box (Riedel)

Square Circle Circus (Jay Leslie)

Stage Size Chineese Gong (Riedel)

Stop Light (Harry Stanley)

Story locks, book, (Terry Roses) Link

Synonymental (Ed Mellon)

Tall Dring (Swoger) LINK

Tapit (Heath)

Telastrophy (Ed Mellon)

Tele Message (A. Allen, Stuart Judah)

Telephonic (Grant, Mellon)

Tele Pix (Sid Bergson to Ed Mellon)

Temple Of Wang (Riedel)

Ten To One (John Snyder)

That's the Spirit (Stuart Judah to Ed Mellon)

The handcuff king act, book (Hull) Link

Topsy Turvy Drink (Swoger)

Trick With No Name (Jay Leslie)

Tri Thought (Ed Mellon)

Tricky Bottles (Swoger)

Trifecta (Jay Leslie)

Twin Forcast (J.G.Thompson to Ed Mellon)

Twirl Around Box (Riedel)

Unicorn Box (Reidel)

Ultimate Ring And String (Jay Leslie)

Util I Prop (Herb Ort)

Wand A Blok (Mark Jacobs)

What Lee Jacobs din't tell you about the rope escape, book (Novak) Link

Wonder Coin Box (Leslie, Swoger)

Wonder Soldier (Mark Jacobs, Jim Swoger)

Words Of Jaks (Dr. Jaks to Ed Mellon)

Wun Fang and His Golden Coin (Harry Stanley) LINK

Please consider buying from the manufacturer that developed a perticular item. Legimitate manufactuters take the time to invent or design new magic and without your support they will not stay in business.

Thank you
Jay Leslie


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