• Manufacturing
• Performing
Pictures vs line drawings

Paint vs natural wood

The history of plastic in making magic tricks (We are #1)

Tricks we've paid to own

Projects you can make(yes you)

Whats the best prop I can buy?

I'm just a hobiest (I don't need anything fancy)

How to perform a sucker trick

Do not read instructions while performing

My balloon broke (what to say to a kid)

Do you perform repeat shows and need a formula for your line-up?

I want to be a magician.

Abbotts Hole In One tips.

A better way to do a newspaper tear

I deck variations

A spectator wants to do a trick with your cards

Performing Challenge Escapes

Why should magicians perform an escape in their show?

Escape acts are not "Us against them"

• Talking to customers
Can you teach everyone a trick during your show?

Are you funny?

Can you do a two hour show (or longer)?

Does your show have card tricks for my 8 year old?

Explaining your Chair Suspension to a bew customer

• Rants
The Popcorn Poem, (print out and hang on your wall)

I've seen that trick before!

Light And Heavy Chest Tray