We make custom props, all the time.

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Harbin Jr.

4 to 8 years old

Elite Chair Suspension

Strongest Suspension
3 feet to 5 feet

Super Elite

4 feet to 6 foot

Suspensions: Longer sizes take longer people. As you go up in size the length and weight of the suspension increases.
Jumbo Tricky Pins

A "Do As I Do Trick" stage size.

The Chopper

No gimmicks. It's different and visual.


Very useful for switching things

Ribbon Fantastique

First it's on, then it's off.

Swords Through Head

A helper from the audience is speared.

Man In The moon

A sucker sliding trick, packs flat.

Box Of Baghdad

13 swords go through your hand.


Your rabbit visably appears like a teleporter

Cube A Libre

Hover over your choice and click that size

Or look at the guide

Master Card Prediction

Cards are shuffled & mixed. One is selected and your prediction matches.

Short stack
Jumbo Jr.
Jumbo Jr.
Duck Bucket

The gimmick is virtually invisible

Phantom Ribbon

Phantom Rbbon, Reidel

To TheHouseOfEnchantment

Floating Power, Mark Jacobs

Fools magicians

Chair To Suitcase

Collectable quality but you can use in a show.

P&A Card Sword

Packs small plays big. 3 left only.


Cut your arm in two