Many of these Mentalism items are
exclusive to TheHouseOfEnchantment
and are not available from any other source

Easy ESP

TYou prove the impossible and do it anyway.


A spectator is asked to assemble a word and your

words match

Leather Blindfold

Hand made leather, just for you.

Himbers Invisable Gimmick

Richard Himber invented this book test


You get a Nail Writer AND a clever way to fold a prediction.

Enchanted Chips

A simple prediction that required no skill

Color Prediction Chips

Collectors quality

Magicians Bookmark

ANY word is selected form almost any book or
newspaper and your prediction is correct.

Elder Blindfold

Used by top pros all over the world

Corker, Massey

You know the contents of a small tube

Figures in total

A simple prediction that required no skill

Duplex Slate, Massey

The perfect size of state - It's examinable

Die Divination

You know the number they are thinking of and

the box is never placed behind your back.

Mental Detective

an entire 7 minute act.


Their thought moves to another location


A Question and answer act

Mental Eyes

You know their card only after it's been put away

Double ESP

The Magicians Force times two