Antique, Collectable and Estate Magic

I buy, sell and trade.

There is only one of each. unless stated otherwise.

Estate and Antique magic are subject to prior sale. If someone else has purchased an item, and I did not remove it from the site, I will refund you money.

If you're really serious about an item, please call or Email and I'll put you first in line. I might be at a show or at a lumber yard and can not look at the invintory immediatly.

MAK, Bowl On Pole

Has the original cloth. The plastic window needs reglued in place but I'll do that before sending it out. The paint good on the box and the pole part.

135.00 Includes shipping in the US
220.00 ships worldwide anywhere Fedex will deliver.

Sherms Rice bowls, Bob Sherman Bridgeport Connecticut

These are heavy sand-cast aluminum bowls that were machined on a lathe to make the inner and outer surfaces smooth.

It comes with the original plastic cover - original. Very few old rice bowls that worked this way have their original cover, that's a plus.

250.00 Includes shipping in the US
295.00 ships worldwide anywhere Fedex will deliver.

Carl William's, Custom Magic
Little Houdini Matchbox Magic Set

Carl has been to my shop a few times because he sold me a small CNC machine and was nice enough to give me a few lessons.

I have a few of his little magic sets that he autographed. I will keep one and you can have the privilege of putting one on your shelve.

55.00 includes shipping in the US

Cobra, Candle Holder

If you present seances or Readings then this investment will surely draw attention. Everyone who sees it makes a comment about how unique it is. under the right circumstances it could be the focal-point of your presentation. This sat in The House Of Enchantment for 50 years. and is unique.

200.00 Includes shipping in the US
235.00 ships worldwide anywhere Fedex will deliver.

Billy McCombs personal watch and ring reel

I believe this is a Bartles (Need to look it up further) It has the original clip too!

It's being offered for no more then what it's worth as a collectable even though it was owned and used by Billy McComb. It comes in the tin that Billy wrote "ring Pull" on and included is a Magic Castle guest pass that's been printed with Bialys name and member number. While it does work it's is being sold as a collectable and not meant to be used in a show even though you could adjust it and make it work better.

650.00 Includes shipping in the US
680.00 ships worldwide anywhere Fedex will deliver.

Lloyds Guinea Pig Box Viking

Used but works fine. The wood does not have any chips or dings but it could be cleaned.

185.00 includes shipping in the US

Umbrella Production
Like a Westgate Bowl Production

The person who sold this said it was made by Mephisto.

Every umbrella is in new condition. The entire piece looks new however it was probably made in the late 70s. The only thing it's missing is a cloth to hide the load as you pull it up. There are 12 automatic opening umbrellas included.

675.00 includes shipping (two boxes) via Fedex, in the US.

More will be added soon but please, if you see something your friend may like please tell them.
Word of mouth is my best advertising and I'm relying on you to spread the word. Thank you, Jay Leslie.

Please Email me to see if the item is available before sending money