We custom make escapes too.
Escapes & DVDs
This containes a secret method for tricking regulation handcuffs and various ways to present escapes including having your hands cuffed through a Guillitine

Included is a photo reference of 167 various hancuffs from all over the world, as an aid to help you identify any if you see them at a swap meet or wish to start collecting.
n stock and ready to ship. $9.50
(international,please ask for rates)

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Sub Trunk, Folding Gimmick

Breaks down for transport

Sub-Trunk Handcuffs

Easy to operate with a secret lever that instantly opens them. No Key required

12.00 post paid in the US,

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An extensine study of tricking handcuffs uncluding 100 drawings of the workings, on various Cuffs, Nippers & Devices,

Included are 159 usefull patent numbers for restraints and devices which cobble a person,

All in all, a very comprehensive reference book for anyone interested in the fine art of escapeology, 120 pages
n stock and ready to ship.$25ºº

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Trunk And Door Jam Chains

Based on the In And Out Again Cuffs, Escape is made without using special tools.

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A wealth of information, complete to itself,

You'll learn the type of rope to use, audience participation, showmanship and stage psychology. 26 pages

The Challenge Rope Tie typically takes 5 to 12 minutes. The audience always applaudes when you're out.
n stock and ready to ship. $9.50
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Strait Jacket Escape

We have real Strait Jackets

and Trick Strait Jackets

We will be making custom jackets in the near future

Magicians and escape artists build an entire act around this escape.There is no cover used while you escape. The audience watches every move as they sit on the edge of their chairs.

This "How To" book explains building and presenting the escape which packs flat but can be seen by large audiences. You can do several minutes with this attention grabbing act.
Through A One Inch Hole
The Torture Crib can be built by anyone with a saw and drill. You can use the original appearance of a coffin lid -or- design yours like a door, a fence or even a brick wall. 12 pages of building and performing instructions.

If you do Banquets, Fund Raisers, Family Nights, Picnics, Grand Openings or Amusement Park shows - this is a great prop to make. If you get the book and want one built professionally, we do that too. Magicians and Escape Artists, you can become like a modern Houdini. The introduction is by John Novak and the book has two methods included.

Remember, the Torture Crib packs flat and plays big. Professional versions start at $600 and can be as much asa few thousand but you can make one yourself for about $100 with wood and stuff from the hardware store.

Australian Torture crib Booklet $10.50 shipped free in the US,

International orders, the shipping starts at 14 dollars so get a few things to bring the cost down and Email for availibility

Psychic Penetration
Ultimate Thumb Cuff
Divided in two parts, the first tells the strory of Arthurs life, detailing the amazing and original escapes he's performed on T.V.and in live shows. As a bonus you will see his daughter, Helen, also performing death-defying escapes they devised.

First you learn about the difficulties in presentation, dealing with producers, engeeners and T.V. studios. In the second part of the book Arthur shows exactly how they all work. . Nothing is held back, 69 pages in all.

The first half sparks the imagination without explanations but the second half has

Wood Thumb Stocks
Seiberian Belt Escape

With a locking buckle

precise explanations as a tremendious bonus.

If you want to learn how to perform escapes and make yourself a household name, this is a great place to start. It's in stock and ready to ship.

This hardback book also includes a performance DVD.

We give this book and DVD the highest reccomendation possible $50ºº
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Mail Bag Escape

Comes with the bag and a metal bar, Supply your own locks and curtain $40.00 plus shipping.

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Australian Transport be lt for the insane

Not a comedy escape it relys on presentation

Black Beauty Underwater Belt Escape

Not a comedy trick, takes some skill as a swimmer

Hardbound $100.00 Softbound $50.00
•Hardbound shipping in the US by Media Mail is $7.00, Priority is $14.00 Shipping
(add $30ºº international, for this books and up to two more books or DVDs as you want shipped at the same time internationally). This won't fit in the economy envelope so It has to be mailed in a Medium Flat Box, Limited supply.

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Escape secrets revealed.: Covers: Thumbcuffs, In Again-Out Again Handcuffs, 50 foot rope challange, sieberian Chain Escape, Thumb Tie, Davenport Comedy Leg tie, Escape King Coat, Zanzibar Rope Escape, Comedy Wrist Tie, and more. $12.50 PP in the US

(international,please ask for rates)

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This Jacket DVD has been called the best learning DVD by the best escape artists in the world. $30.ºº

(international,please ask for rates)

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Imagine being frisked, searched and yet you are able to escape Standard law enforcement restraints, at will.

Special bonus - Quick Cuffs

Good for the beginner. $22.00 PP in the US

(international,please ask for rates)

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Learn how to perform he 100 foot Rope Tie Challenge Nothing held back $30ºº

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In addition to making custom escapes we also hold the copyright on many books

Most of these books are only available direct and we have them in stock.

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I appreciate the way you do business. You are very professional, Thank you.

Sailesh Sharma Chuttoo, Gurgaun India