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This is a Utility Switching Device =- OVERSTOCK SALE

Util-I-Prop is a clever SWITCHING DEVICE that enables you to switch 5 items placed on the easel QUICKLY, SILENTLY & INDETECTABLY.

The size of the tray is 9" X 17" and only 3/4 of an inch thick. The easel sits on top of the tray as pictured. Util-A-Prop Is large enough to see from the largest stage yet works well in a small room too.

Util-I-Prop can be used with or without an assistant. After the switching is accomplished the easle can be set aside and the tray is flat. It only takes one second to do the deed.

Think of the possibleilities. Jay Leslie'e exclusive instructions include the following effects:
2 Predictions of Reading Serial Numbers On Borrowed Bills.
A Memory Feat That Requires No Memory.
Bank Night Out,A Lock And Key Divination, with normal keys
Question And Answer Act
Torn Card or money Revelation
5 Newspaper headline Predictions
E.S.P. effects as well as regular cards.

Util-I-Prop is The Answer when you want to silently switch cards, Envelopes, Keys or any number of other flat objects. It will even fool you. The last time Util-I-Prop was made was 20 years ago. We have improved on the original design both mechanically and ascetically. Util-A-Prop Is the only switching device we know of that is able to do a dozen different effects.

Included are, four pages of well written instructions explaining every possible way Util-A-Prop can be used. And Util-A-Prop can be used for repeat shows. by changing the routine. $175.00 - OVERSTOCK SALE. I MADE 200 OF THESE AND SOLD 160 SO I HAVE 20 THAT I'M WILLING TO BLOW OUT AT ONLY 85 DOLLARS

85 DOLLARS FOR THE OVERSTOCK SALE - SUBJECT TO THE STOCK AT HAND - and shipping in the conus is included!
Free shipping in the U.S. on Util-I-Prop. Foreign orders add 90 for shipping (175.00 TOTAL)

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