Cube A Libre Short Stack Buma Style, 3" blocks (76mm)
Everyone always asks what's the difference between the four block and the six block version is... and is the four block version easier to learn then the six block version? They ask which one is better?

I'll answer these questions and more. Please read the description of the six block version so you are familiar with the effect and the qualities of the manufacturing process first. LINK

Since I have performed the four & six block versions in front of live audiences I can tell you from experiance that both create approximatly the same impact. The four block version is smaller and easier to carry and the six block version is taller so it's a little easier to see but because there are more blocks the audience has a few extra seconds to watch you move blocks around (six block version) when they turn to make a comment to their friends, which they will.

That's basically it. I've performed both versions for corporate audiences at a thousand dollars per performance and I've performed both versions for library and shopping centers where there were 5 years olds in the audience. If you're a family performer you'll probably want the four block version and if you mostly book adult gigs then the six block version may be the one for you ( although you can fit the four block version in your carry-on luggage easier.) The 6 block version is 18.5 tall and the 4 block version is 12.4 tall.

The information below is a compareson between other versions and mine. Opinions expressed belong to myself and others who have posted their own on the internet.

The first issue is construction: Other versions do not allow you to display all their parts, all the time. Some others have flimsey gimmicks that make handling touchy and others have gimmicks that are too big and thick. The version that's made from cardboard is notorius for wearing out partly because moisture and humidity effect its construction. All my versions and sizes are impervious to moisture and every part is strong enough that an average person can stand on it.

The second issue is the style and color of their numbers: Other versions use a white backround with black trim and smaller black numbers. As you see by the picture to the right, when a border is created around a block the amount of space for the number is reduced making it harder to see from a distance yet other versions use smaller blocks making the numbers that much harder to see.

You'll have to agree that yellow against black stands out better. Try this test for yourself, sit back a few feet and see which one looks better. Close one eye, squint and imagine that people in your audience have bad eyesight and/or the lighting in the room is not good. Turn out the lights and stand back several feet.

If you want people in the back of the room to see what you're doing then I would suggest buying any of our versions because the numbers are easier to see.

Other manufacturers claim they don't like a hole in the tube but the truth is that their blocks are white which you could easily see through a hole where mine blocks are black and blend right in, Therefore, since the other versions do not use a hole they have a sharp wire inside. My version does not have any wires that can possibly scratch the parts, leaving a permanant mark. My version was made after duplucating and improving the original Buma version which was the best concept in construction and colors.

If you don't know the routine, see the description of the 6 block version LINK Optional road case LINK

12 blocks, gimmicks and the instructions are included with this version. Cube A Libre Short Stack $375.00

Ten dollars shipping in the US, Foreign orders, add $56.00

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