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Richard Himber sold The House Of Enchantment three dozen Doulette Switching Houlettes some 40 years ago. Since then we've moved several times and I just found a few dozen broken houletts in a box. It only seemed natural to reassemble them but soon it became clear it would be easier to remanufacture the entire device from scratch. These Doulette Switching Houlettes will be available in small quantities, as time permits. It takes many hours of time, hand fitting the parts and buffing them until crystal clear.

The Doulette Switching Houlette will switch a deck of cards, packs of business cards or even small envelopes. You can use poker or bridge size of any brand. We've written new instructions that outline a dozen routines but anyone with a favorite card trick can imagine just where to put this in their show.

Here is a routine that's worth your fee to perform it: A regular deck is handed to any volunteer, they are asked to shuffle it face up then face down, to prove it's genuine. They are then asked to place the deck under the table, while you're back is turned, and remove one card. The remainder of the deck is placed in the box (still with your back turned). The volunteer is now asked to look at their card then to replace it in the deck, anywhere they want. The flap is closed. Your back has been turned the entire time and only after you turn forward do you know the name of their card. You announce the name of their card which stuns them (We know this because that's the reaction we get.). It is inconceivable for anyone to expect you could possibly know the name of their card. Wear a real blind fold while your back is turned if you want. There are no stooges.... you just need to know the simple method to make this work, and it's included in the instructions. This is just one of a hundred possible routines but we predict you are already know a good place to switch a pack of cards.

Savvy collectors and close-up performers will appreciate this piece of beautiful and functional equipment . The price is less then what it's sold for at auction. And for those who are familiar with Richard Himber's work, they know he never produced large quantities of anything. Because of all the hand buffing and construction we can not produce these in large quantities either so If you think you want one, don't wait because we are not going to make many. Himber Doulette Switching Houlette $250.00 as available.

Free shipping in the US, on this item. If you want to sign for the package, a flat rate of $6.00 more will be charged. Foreign orders $18.00 for airmail.

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