Close Up Magic

Cards, Coins, Boxes, Rings and more.

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Out Of The 5th Dimension

2 cards shown both
sides yet there is a
5th dimension.

Quarter Through Pen

A borrowed quarter passes through
a borrowed pen.

Half Off String

Seems impossible but it's not.

Impossible Card Flight

Many top pros close their show
with this "Cards Across" routine.

Mystery Ring Box

A simple yet solid ring penetrates
onto the magic wand.

Coin Thru Coin

People try to grab the
coins as you watch
their mouths drop open.

Executive Coin Of The Realm

This is the smaller size of

a classic coin penetration

Top Secret Card Device

If you are a beginner, this is a a must-have gimmick

Twist Off (ball escapo)

No gimmicks and it fools them every time

Ghost Coins

A neat little gimmick to produce
4 coins magically.

Miracle Money

Miracle Money

An awesome effect where a coin appears & vanishes in stages.

Puffy Coins

A regular half becomes puffy

Card Between Plates

A borrowed, signed card is found
between two metal plates that are
surronded with rubber bamds.


The spectator counts to their predicted number.

Stripper Decks

Hand made, one card at
a time, any depth.


A marble passes through a
freely selected card.

Chop Cups

Wood & Metal

Standard and
custom made

card car

Stinger Card Holdout

Card Holdout Sold for entertainment
purposes only.

Rising Pemcil

The pencil appears to rise on it's own.

Ultimate ring and string

A solid ring is examined yet it penetrates a ropoe several times DVD included

Card Car

The smallest Card Car

Lightning ring vanisher

This is the fastest box ever, to make a coin or ring vanish

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