Chop Cups. Jay Leslie
Chop cups make a ball vanish or appear in a variety of routines. We offer custom made cups with custom engineered parts. We can make most any cup you send us into a chop cup. All cups are special order.
Truly a beautiful cup. This is heavy and magical looking. Each one has hand fitted interior and exterior bottoms. The actual cups are chromed. This gives the cups a rich look and with normal use you will never need to polish them... NEVER. We've even sprayed a special lacquer sealer on the brass parts. You will be proud to show them off. Limited supply. Each one is signature stamped Jay Leslie.

Signature Series Golden cup $124.88 SOLD OUT

The Shaker Cup stands about 7' high. We supply 3/4 inch knit crouched balls in green. You may refer to them as "olives". Your final load could be a lemon if you desire.

The lid will also hold a liquid load, so you may pour yourself a drink to celebrate the conclusion of your routine.
Limited supply.

Signature Series Shaker Chop Cup $82.50 SOLD OUT

Ridged Cup

Again, notice how the bottom is flat inside. We hand fit the gimmick into the bottom. Our method is 99.9% undetectable.

We supply the cup and two balls.

Signature Series Ridged Cup $34.98 SOLD OUT

Made from teakwood. This handsome wood cup will grace the shelves of any collection. The ball will drop on command during your routine without the need to make hard contact.

We supply the gimmicked cup and two balls.

Teakwood Chopcup $67.50 SOLD OUT

Get Ready.....

My Executive Chop Cups are the only squarish cups that have ever been made this way and I'm the only person who can do it. The cups being offered have a recess that's cut into the bottom and plugged with a complementary wood. I will never do that again because ot took way too much time.

Above is the two-tone walnut-maple cup. This cup has a hand sanded recess on the bottom (middle picture) The inside has a Land & Valley bottom on this particular cup. No two cups will ever be the same.

Why the squarish shape?

No matter where you toss the balls, they never interfere with each other. The special ball will always find a sweet spot and you never need to shake the cup to get them in order.

Over time, there will only be 21 of these unique cups made, with 4 already sold. They take over 12 hours to select the various woods, cutting same into segments, gluing, hollowing-out the interior then shaping the exterior and hand sanding. Get yours today and insure that your collection will have one of these unique cups, because no two are the same.

To be clear, The exact way this cup is made is by milling a depression in the bottom and plugging it with a complementary wood. That was way too much work so please, If you appreciate quality craftsmanship then buy one and cherrish it.
Above is the 11 layer cup with walnut plug in bottom. The dark tones in the photo above are a result of this natural wood product . The inside bottom is the only one with a secondary wood banding in a perimiter ring. The bottom in this cup is smooth.
To the left is the two-tone red and natural walnut-maple and mahogany cup.

The inside bottom has the concentric land and groove shape that's on most of these beauties.

The average sixe of any Executive Chop Cup is aproximatly 3 inches tall by 3 inches wide.

I will only post photos of the finished cups because I can only finish one a week between other project so if you see one you like, Email me and put it in your collection.

Olive and mahogany woods with two maple segments. This cup has the land and groove inner bottom (as the others. but it also has it in the bottom of the outside and without the hand-sanded depression. Again. no two are the same. This cup is SOLD
Finally, the Double Stripe Cup

The inside bottom has the concentric land and groove shape that's on most of these beauties.

This cup, like most of the others was finished with a Urathane top coat but the under coat is tinted a deep redish color for a somewhat antique appearance.

Again. There will only be one of a kind so if you like one, please act now.

Here's my Email and phone.
Jay Leslie's cell phone 7148475311

You will also receive a signed certificate from Jay Leslie stating this cup is different then others within this limited run. There is only one cup made like this, in the world so act now because when it's gone it's gone forever. The price 265.00