The House of Enchantment was founded in 1937 by James Swoger a prolific inventor, builder and sleight of hand artist. Known as "The Plastic King" Jim made hundreds of effects. Today, the House Of Enchantment is owned by Jay Leslie Inc. Jay Leslie has performed well over seven thousand shows. Magicians from beginners to professionals take lessons from Jay. He lecturers at magic clubs and produces teaching DVDs. Many of Jay's students have won first place at compititions.
We manufacture of our own items in small batches. My goal is to only sell well made effects AND include good instructions. See our museum
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The House of Enchantment manufactures and owns the rights to various effects from: Richard Himber, Dave Elder, H. Rouse, Ed Mellon, Jim Swoger, Regows, Ricky Dunn, Gerald Kosky, Jay Leslie, Clint Reidel, Ed Massey, Silent Mora, Frank Suri, Chuck Smith, Al O'Hagen, John Snyder Jr., William H. Wilson (Will de Seive), Don Redmon, Hen Fetsch, Mark Jacobs, U.F. Grant, Harry Stanley, Walter E. Slaser, Gene Grant, Jim Carter, R. N. Menge, Bill Harding, Harry G Franky, Leo Demski, Charles McNutt, Jack Hughes, J. S. Thompson Jr., dr ßpencer Thorton, Schleneger and Milbourne Christopher.

Add your name to the list. Come up with a new trick and we will pay you $50.00 or more if we use it.

Legal note: Our exclusive or original items are copyrighted including advertising copy, instructions, packaging and intellectual value. Those who choose to manufacture our items will face legal action.
For questions or orders E-Mail here. Please include the word magic in the subject matter or call Jay at 714 847 5311